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Our Associate’s Stories

Compass Group Canada continues to work towards a future where everyone can feel safe to be true to who they are. Our EDI site was created to support our associates, family and friends find resources on the issues that impact their overall well-being and sense of belonging. One way we highlight this is through Our Associate’s Stories.

Dumpling Soup

Asian / South Asian Heritage Month
May 2022

Cutting Cake

International Women's Day


Pride 2023


In honour of Pride Month, one of our associates, Brenden, who is part of our Pride Alliance community, offered to share his story in an effort to inspire others and bring awareness to the experiences of those who are part of the LGBTQ2+ community.

Brenden is a Food Services Manager for our Eurest Dining sector in Ottawa. Brenden has been with Compass since 2018, married in September 2019 and went on a culinary honeymoon to PEI with his new husband Paul. Brenden is also a step-father to a transgender daughter.

"At Compass, I’ve always felt loved and welcomed for being my authentic, spirited and jovial self. I have incredible allies and members of the community who are so accepting of diversity and there is no

barricade to being accepted, embraced, promoted and mentored. I truly feel as though I am the recipient of great opportunities that allow me to grow and develop with Compass because of my skillset and ambition no matter what my gender or sexual orientation. It is so important to me for all Compass LGBTQ2+ community members to feel embraced at work, every day.”

Compass Group Canada feels very fortunate to have Brenden on our team. In May 2021, Brenden was recognized for his versatility and stepping into various roles during COVID-19 whenever needed and his meticulous attention to detail.

We want to thank Brenden for sharing his experience with us and our community and for going above and beyond everyday!


April 26th is Lesbian
Visibility Day


In honour of Lesbian Visibility Day, one of our associates, Alanna, who is part of our Pride Alliance community, offered to share her story in an effort to inspire others and bring awareness to the experiences of those who are part of the LGBT+ community.

Alanna is a Manager, HSQA, Nutrition and Wellness for our Chartwells sector. Alanna has been with Compass for almost 7 years and during that time has married and welcomed her son Owen to her family.

“At Compass, I’ve felt welcoming support and encouragement to be my authentic self in the workplace. The leadership team within Chartwells and my colleagues genuinely celebrate diversity and, together,

we promote a safe-for-all work environment where personal & professional milestones alike can be celebrated. Over the last 4 years, I’ve been lucky enough to get married and welcome a baby boy to my family, both occasions I happily shared with my peers and managers. My hope is that all Compass LGBTQ+ community members know they have a welcoming space.”

Compass Group Canada feels very fortunate to have Alanna on our team. In February 2021, Alanna was recognized as a part of Compass’ recognition blitz. She strives to leave every site visited safer through promoting a strong safety culture. Alanna empowers teams to reach for safety greatness by sharing an authentic and motivating connection with everyone she meets.

We want to thank Alanna for sharing her experience with us and our community.

Business Meeting

Compass100 Career Stories

Compass Group launched an initiative called Compass100 Career Stories with the intent of sharing the diversity and talent of our #teamCompass global family. Here, at Compass Group Canada - we are incredibly proud to see five of our amazing associates featured in Chapter 5 of the series. Have a look at the series here to watch the great stories across our entire business, as well as our own Canadian talent.

Congratulations to Kerstin, Mary Jean (MJ), Brandon, André and Caragh on being featured!


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