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Compass Group Canada – Diversity & Inclusion

At Compass Canada, diversity is interwoven in everything we do - from the meals we serve to the industry leading support services we provide and the way we do business. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive culture through our Listen, Learn, Act model that celebrates the unique contributions of every individual and provides a welcoming environment for all to thrive.

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We will continue to build a culture where our associates, colleagues and partners feel safe, supported and proud to be who they are and who they want to be, regardless of race, gender, ability or orientation.

Our Commitment to


Together, we are committed to listen, learn and act - we are paving the way for change within our organization.


  • Our Diversity Inclusion Action Councils (DIAC) are business supported, associate led groups that are dedicated to championing the Diversity & Inclusion mission of Compass. The DIACs seek to foster inclusion through cultural awareness, engagement and appreciation of diversity

  • Our inbox allows our associates to share their unique stories, offer feedback and share their suggestions.

  • Our Speak-Up website is available to all associates for reporting a concern in confidence that they feel may be unsafe, unethical, or illegal.


  • Providing learning opportunities to our associates through our Diversity & Inclusion courses available on our learning system and live sessions with subject matter experts.

  • We are a proud employer partner of Canadian Centre for Diversity & inclusion.



  • Giving back to the communities in which we operate and serve.

  • Providing access and encouraging our associates to leverage our Employee Assistance Program and


Message on Diversity

Compass is a company built on our unique differences and mutual respect for one another. Never has that been more important, than now.

We are beginning by building a roadmap with three key pillars. Listen. Learn. Act.


Listen. We want to hear from you. Nobody knows what our associates need better than our associates. We have set up an associate inbox with the sole intention of hearing your feedback and suggestions. Additionally, we will form a committee with Lauren Davey, our CPCO, as executive sponsor, to ensure associate recommendations are brought forward and given the consideration they so rightly deserve.

Learn. We will make sure our leadership and our managers have the right resources in place to support our diverse associates. We partner with EDI subject matter experts and wellness professionals to provide learning and development opportunities to our managers. We share resources, making sure our associates are well-informed and know how to be an ally.

Act. Once we have taken the time to listen and to learn, we will act on the input from our great people. We will build on our organization’s history of respect for one another and change policies and actions to better reflect the world we live in. We will support and remove barriers to success for our colleagues and partners.

To everyone who is making your voice heard – thank you. We hear you. Please join us in this effort. Together, we are stronger.

Saajid Khan

CEO Compass Group Canada and ESS North America


Message from our CPCO, Lauren Davey

The genesis of just now was a personal one for me; the tragic loss of a dear friend to suicide - she used the lower case initials “jn” as her signature. Following her passing, I felt an urgency to create and nurture a supportive environment for everyone, starting with our Compass family.

The initials jn, turned into just now, because there is no time like the present to make a difference.  I knew that there was a unique opportunity to impact the thousands of people we employ across the country and the millions of guests we connect with every day. Together with the Compass Group Canada leadership team, we embarked on a journey to create a space for our associates to feel supported, informed and welcome.

The spirit of just now continues to evolve, as we explore the many facets of mental health and wellness, including a sense of belonging, inclusivity and physical wellness, along with mindfulness and emotional well-being. We know that pushing for change and supporting diversity and inclusion is a critical aspect of supporting the overall well-being of our people and the communities we serve. As a company, we have committed to listen, learn and act when it comes to the racial inequalities faced by those in the BIPOC communities and have dedicated space on this site to encourage dialogue and support education on these important issues.

Everything we’ve done to bring this program to life has been done with heart and purpose. Our just now logo is a visual representation of what we hope to accomplish with this initiative – a total connection of heart, mind, body and the ability to freely discuss these topics without stigma. Our goal is to inspire everyone to make inclusion and well-being a priority – not tomorrow or the next day, but just now.

We sincerely hope that this site provides you with resources that are helpful and informative.  If there is anything else you’d like us to include, please send us a message. Most importantly, if you’re struggling, please reach out to someone you trust or a professional and ask for help. You are not alone.

Lauren Davey

CPCO Compass Group Canada and ESS North America


Great People. Great Service. GREAT RESULTS.

As Canada’s leading foodservice and support services company, Compass Group Canada’s success is tied to a simple recipe: great people, great service and great results.

Our associates impact the lives of millions of people across Canada each year by serving delicious, nutritious meals and by providing cleaning and maintenance services in a variety of key markets including education, healthcare, business and industry, sports and leisure, and defense, offshore and remote sites.

Our headquarters are in Mississauga, Ontario with regional offices in London Ontario, Ottawa, British Columbia, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

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