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Our EDI Partnerships

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Jamaal Magloire

Jamaal Magloire is one of the most accomplished Canadian basketball players in history. Jamaal Magloire is equally passionate about basketball as he is about youth empowerment. Growing up in an underserved community, he realizes the best way to inspire and make a difference is to empower the next generation. During school visits and community appearances, he discusses the adversity he faced while pursuing his dream. Using his life story as inspiration, he created avenues for underserved youth to realize their potential through sports and arts. He is the first born Canadian of Afro-Caribbean descent to attend University of Kentucky on scholarship, 1st drafted in the 1st round of the NBA, to be an All Star and play for Raptors. Jamaal has paved the way for Canadians to follow suit. Jamaal preaches hard work, dedication, perseverance and kindness and that all youth deserve a chance to dream. Using his influence to drive change, Jamaal launched Jamaal Magloire Foundation, with the goal of working towards improving the lives of underserved GTA youth by helping them obtain and nurture academic and social skills through the arts, sports and community.

How Our Partnership Benefits Our Associates

Compass Group Canada and Jamaal Magloire Foundation joined forces in 2021 to support the Engage416 Toronto Police initiative and donated new iPads and back-to-school supplies to students in communities we serve.  In February 2022, for Black History Month, Jamaal Magloire delivered a keynote and shared his story to discuss the impact accessibility and acceptance have on the mental health and wellbeing of the BIPOC community.

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Tammy Heermann

Tammy Heermann is a keynote speaker and award-winning leadership expert sought out by some of the world’s top companies for her programs that accelerate high potential leaders and women’s advancement. She is the author of Reframe Your Story: Real talk for women who want to let go, do less and be more-together.

How Our Partnership Benefits Our Associates

Tammy helped associates develop personal leadership skills, including mastering their mindsets. She led engaging sessions to  identify and reverse the cycle of negative beliefs, mindsets and behaviors by applying tools and rituals to keep self limiting thoughts at bay.

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Sarah McVanel

Sarah is a recognition expert, professional speaker, coach, author, recovering healthcare executive, part-time perfectionist, and movement maker of F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness. The one and only “Frog Lady” will energize you, tantalize you, and elevate you to focus on GREATNESS. With 25+ years of experience, she invigorates organizations to see their employees as exceptional so that together, they can create a scrumptious, thriving culture where everyone belongs.

How Our Partnership Benefits Our Associates

Nudging Towards Greatness: Compass Group has solid recognition programs. At the start of COVID and in such turbulent times, Compass partnered with Sarah to infuse energy through our WOLF Pack to host two customized virtual keynotes that enabled hundreds of Compass associates and leaders from coast to coast to participate. The challenge was simple: the “nudge challenge.” Compass recognition was on fire! Within 24 hours, the number of “nudges” quadrupled, and it topped at an all-time high of over 3500 within one month. Through each 90 minute keynote, we focused on recognition and changed perceptions of a ‘no time to do’ to a ‘need to do’ to a ‘want to do.’ Compass has an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued, heard, seen and appreciated.

Recommended Resources

Sarah’s Website:



  • Here are some of my Short clips from virtual keynotes

  • Here are my two fav TED Talks - here about girls and bravery; here about multipotentiates

Favorite Book:

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Master Derek Lobban, P. Eng., LSSBB, CCMP, 5th Dan Black Belt

Derek Lobban has been practicing Martial Arts for over 27 years, with a primary focus in Taekwondo and Hapkido. He is a student of the art and has spent the last 15 years inspiring and motivating individuals, families and teams to go beyond, break self-imposed limits and celebrate excellence.  He has been teaching, coaching and mentoring students as young as 3.5 years young, from all walks of life, professions and socioeconomic backgrounds. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Derek's energy, passion and zest for life has been influenced by the Caribbean culture. This upbringing enabled Derek to learn, understand and respect people from diverse cultures. Derek's goal is to remain a Martial Arts student and apply the benefits of Martial Arts to inspire and motivate people, around the world, to be the best version of themselves.

How Our Partnership Benefits Our Associates

Derek partnered with just now to provide a wellness series that applied the tenets of Taekwondo; Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit. This resulted in an energized, organized, high performing and focused session.

Recommended Resources

Kiai Academy:



Vitale Lunardon

Vitale Lunardon has over 20 years of experience as a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer, Specialty Fitness Instructor, and a Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner, specializing in Spinning, Yoga, Pilates and HIIT.

Utilizing a variety of training styles and techniques, he has worked with clients from all walks of life, coaching them towards their fitness goals, while providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure continued success.

"I pursued a career in the Fitness Industry because I love helping people live their fullest life possible, and I strongly believe that our overall health and wellness is an integral part of that!"


Andrea Lee, Osteopathic MT, Yoga Instructor, Natural Alignments Clinic Owner 

Andrea's inspiration for Natural Alignments came from her belief that overall health and wellness comes from a full body understanding of the disease. 

Andrea trained for 4 years in Hamilton, at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, and is a member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association. This designation, Masters in Osteopathic Manipulative Science, provided her an opportunity to work with a wide range of patients.

Through her experience as a coach, athlete, yoga instructor and Osteopath, Andrea brings a wealth of experience to the analysis and treatment of her patients. 

How Our Partnership Benefits Our Associates

Throughout 2021 Andrea and Natural Alignments partnered with Compass Group Canada to launch our just now Wellness Moments on a range of topics from sleep dysfunctions, workplace ergonomic setups, common workplace strain patterns to combating burnout.  Andrea created and delivered several movement/ meditation/ breathing and yoga sessions to help aid in this spectrum of ailments. The Natural Alignments clinic and yoga studio is located at the Compass Group Canada Mississauga office and Andrea offers complimentary yoga and discounts for Compass associates.

Recommended Resources

Natural Alignments:


  • Natural Alignments blog touches on a variety of topics from physical strains to nutrition and psychological health:   

  • Beating Burnout - Hello Monday.  Natural Alignment's newest workshop is on combating burnout, what exactly it is as how to work though recovery and prevention of burnout. 

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